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Ah Catsmanga Daioh
Air Rage
Aka Noid
Bouncy Paint
Cave Copter
Circus Linux
Columns GP32
Crazy Jack
Diabolic Pong
Drunken Arcade Master
Giana's Return
Gloop Deluxe
GP Gravity Force 2.0
GP32 Card Casino
GP32 Snow
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Last Resort
Liquid Seawolf
LK Shoot
Mr. Monar
Mythic Chess v0.7
Nazca Dreams
Nazca Pertiga
Nazca Tron
Perfect Fit
Pogy's Adventure
Project SC2
Puzzle Mix
Slyro The Radioactive Cat
SmashGP 0.1
Street Fighter 2 Pong
Tie Break Tennis
Welcome to GP32 Homebrew Reviews, the place where homebrew games get the respect they deserve! All games reviewed on this page are rated in terms of graphics, sound, gameplay, game idea, replay value and completeness (a lot of people were asking for this). This project depends on your help! So if you're interested to contribute a review, be sure to read the 'contribution' section on the left.
Thanks to Antiriad from for the nice logo graphics!

Sep/21/2005 - NOTE: I know there hasn't been a lot of movement here lately. The sole reason for this is the fact that I don't get any reviews sent, even though i still got roughly 100 hits each day. So I've been wondering how to proceed with this project - sack it completely to free my hosting resources or continue it with own reviews.
At the moment, the whole GP32 scene is going loco because of the upcoming release of the GP32's successor, the GP2X, so the GP32 web resources will fade away slowly. To make it short: I'll continue this project, because I have this thing for underdogs and because there's still a lot of potential in the GP32. I'd still be happy to add your reviews here, and I still need your help: I planned another feature, the 'BLU+ compatible!' icon (courtesy of jegHegy, thanks!) to show support for the BLU+. I don't have one, so Irely on your help here. -Don

Be sure to check out GameProbe32, it's Bob's and frolik's GP32 reviews page (not limited to homebrewn games!).

NOTE: I got a few complaints about the ratings - some would be far too high, others too low. Lacuna's graphics rating would be far too high for example. Keep in mind it's firstly the opinion of the reviewer (which doesn't reflect my opinion) and secondly, if someone thinks that the graphics are appropriate for that kind of game, a high rating is okay in my opinion.

Site News:
Apr/04/2005 One new review, Gyroball .01 alpha by Drag. Thanks!
Mar/22/2004 Hiatus over! 3 new reviews by BobBorakovitz, our new partnership will bring up much more reviews!
Dec/23/2004 Merry Christmas, God Jul, Happy Channukah, insert_your_favourite_holiday! A little xmas present from me... You don't know what to do when visiting your family on christmas? How about an offline version of the gp32 reviews page? Print i t, put it on your notebook, read it on the toilet... get it here!
Dec/12/2004 Finally I had the urge to make this page w3c compliant, as you can see from those two little buttons on the bottom of the page.
Dec/11/2004 Two new reviews by frolik, GP Gravity Force 2.0 and our number 50, Perfect Fit! Thanks!
Dec/07/2004 One month of GP32 reviews already. Thanks to all the contributors for 47 reviews in just one month, this is awesome! Number 48 arrived today (Kamikaze) from Tekt5. Thanks!
Nov/24/2004 One review by frolik (PTC) and four reviews (Columns GP32, GP32 Snow, Paperplane and Liquid Seawolf) by Wildcat. Thanks!
Nov/18/2004 Four new reviews: Gloop Deluxe by TJHooka and Gianas Return, SF2 Pong and LK Shoot by frolik. Than ks!
Nov/17/2004 FOUR reviews by frolik: Dynamate, Puzzle Mix, Project SC2 and Diab0lic Pong! Thanks!
Nov/16/2004 Two new reviews (Nazca Dreams and Nazca Tron) by BobBorakovitz and a review of Xump by Melampus!
Nov/15/2004 One new review (GPSpout) by Tekt5,thanks!
Nov/14/2004 Things are going slow, barely new reviews arrive... Except for ManiaGP by Rhihanion, our 30th review!
Nov/08/2004 Added Mr. Monar and GP32War reviews by frolik.
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Top Ten
9.2 Lacuna
9.2 GP32 Card Casino
8.8 Electronia
8.8 Giana's Return
8.7 xRick
8.7 Puzzle Mix
8.5 Tie Break Tennis
8.5 Nazca Dreams
8.5 Columns GP32
8.3 Crazy Jack
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Bouncy Paint
Pogy's Adventure
Circus Linux
Mythic Chess v0.7
Perfect Fit
GP Gravity Force 2.0

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